There is nothing as hard as trying to convince a client why your services are charged higher than your competitors. From time to time, I often have a tough time evangelizing to clients who are wise enough to canvass among multiple SEO companies here in Kenya and even Abroad. While the ones abroad are better equipped with their knowledge on SEO and internet marketing, here in Kenya, it seems that pricing still holds much of the steering wheel. I will be breaking down how we arrive at setting our prices.

You see, SEO services aren’t really cheap. You probably had a look at our SEO plans and pricing and wondered why it’s too damn expensive. But hey, if you’re open to hearing us out, here’s the reason behind our steeper price amongst all the low-hanging SEO service packages out there.

Note: This is an entry for companies who are asking “Why is Ace Solution Africa’s package so expensive and why is this ‘Other SEO company’ so cheap?”



SEO is constantly changing and being updated. We strongly believe that all SEO strategies that are based on a “Cliché-type” of Strategy will eventually get caught in an algorithm change resulting to loss of effectivity, or worse, get the client penalized.

Common SEO strategies lose taste since it becomes easy for a lot of people to replicate them. I strongly believe in Ingenuity, Structure and Usefulness when it comes to SEO. These things aren’t easily produced, and thus causing an increment in the pricing.




Companies dealing with SEO often have packages for their service. A perfect example is like the one below:


SEO 5 Keywords Package

5 Keywords
On-site Optimization
Sitemap and Robots.txt Generation
Backlinks Building
Written Articles Submission
Google Analytics Integration
Google Webmaster Tools
Conversion Tracking Integration

Now, let us compare what we do for your website versus what a normal ‘cheap’ SEO company does for you.



Our on-site optimization includes smart, structured internal linking, keyword placement optimization, image optimization, open graph integration etc.


In most cases, what they will be really doing is putting your keywords inside your content wherever and whenever they can put them. Therefore, some aspects like Ingenuity, Structure and Usefulness don’t come into play-which in the long run can be fatal- thus the reason for their low prices.



Sitemap is automatically pinging the right search engines whenever you publish fresh content or you improve an existing one. It should be an XML file that is fixed in such a way that users will still be able to make sense of it. Regardless, it should regularly ping all engines to allow their spiders to re-crawl your site. Robots.txt should know what crawlers to block out to reduce process memory consumption and which crawlers should be allowed.


Sitemap is probably a HTML file for them. Robots.txt will probably be default with what your CMS already has.



What makes our link-building different from cheap, artificial link-building?

Well for starters, how we build your backlink profile is by adopting ingenuity and doing extensive research so as to generate content so great that it would kill us if it’s not going to get any links pointing back to it. Then we promote it to other bloggers and webmasters with whom we have existing relationships with. It all starts with a solid content strategy and an effective content marketing structure.


They are probably using automated blog commenting tools such as Scrapebox or SEnuke. This is guaranteed to get your website a big penalty from Google.



Articles that are artfully written by our professional writers should be published in the client’s website or blog and then promoted to relevant websites, who would care to read or view it. This way, links can come, and if they do come, they’re relevant and helpful to users. The perfect kind of link.


“Written Articles Submission” are the kind of low-quality articles disseminated to low-quality article hubs. This is extremely cheap and easy to do, therefore making it possible to charge cheap. The downside of this is getting penalized after a few months.



Google Analytics Integration is something we can do in a span of 5 minutes or less. It basically involves giving Google Analytics Data meaning and purpose. We explain each data’s significance in your business in our monthly reports to you. We compare your traffic and conversions month-on-month. We show you how your keywords are increasing and which ones provide you the most conversions. We make sense of the technical so you can understand what you are paying for.


Google Analytics Integration is code and nothing complicated, but they make it sound so technical when it is something we can really do it in 5 minutes or less.



Conversion Tracking needs to be set-up in Google Analytics. It is not a hard thing to do but it has to be done right. We analyze your business process, pages and your system in order to create a funnel where we think users will really go through before making the conversion. We tell you our analysis why users drop off the funnel in specific pages and what changes we can make to increase the conversion rate in between funnels. It’s a lot of brainpower and time but we’ll make sure you get your money’s worth.


Conversion Tracking Integration is probably just putting your destination URL as a goal in Google Analytics and that’s it (as I said, it is not a hard thing to do). They’ll just take a screenshot and send you the conversions you make each month. No funnel. No improvement advice. No brainpower used. This could cost you a lot, considering you are already paying for the service.



When you want to consult us/ you need advice, we provide it to you for free. We also offer FREE Audit Reports, Automated Weekly SEO Reports, and we also have a team of professional writers. Marketing Library and Free Newsletter for your clients are also part of the services that we offer you.

We also give Future Proof SEO Tactics. Our SEO service reflects real world changes in Google’s algorithm. Our latest deliverables include more content, startup business listings, magazine placement & conversion improving activities.





If you didn’t know, we have been in business for 10 years plus now with more than 100+ clients. We are a registered business by the laws of the government of Kenya. We have a company history, we have a dedicated in-house team, we have a real office, a Facebook Page, a Google+ Page, a Twitter Account, a Linkedin Company Page, and all things that a real company should have.

We are here to stay and we’ve been serving multiple clients who have stayed with us for the whole 10+ years that we’ve been officially established. Some of them longer (since I started out as a freelance SEO specialist).




There is nothing we would love more than to help a client who is looking for good and honest SEO and wants a reduction in price. Visit our offices and we can reach a compromise after reviewing the services you require. If you want to do things right the first time, you have to be willing to pay the price of a company who knows their stuff and who will take care of you!



Written by Mutari Diawara