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Copywriting Services

Every business has a story to tell. Creatively telling your business story needs to be crafted in a way that makes you stand from the crowd, wade off the competitors and convert lookers to customers.

Copywriting includes all the written communications used to sell, market and promote products and services to prospects and customers. As a category, it is more than ‘advertising writing’ because it also includes activities such as brochures and web sites.

Objectives of copywriting

  • Making Sales – Copywriting is used to convince potential prospects into buying your product (or service). Use of correct words is important.
  • Attracting Customers – copywriting can help businesses attract customers to their destination where the actual sale can be made. In this case, rather than an outright sale, your copy helps to build the foundation for a sale.
  • Building Relationships –Through copywriting a business can establish rapport and build credibility for the its products and services whilst also educating your prospects.

A copywriter helps a business shape its communication from scratch, working with it to define messages, pinpoint themes, research and interview to ensure your message is clear, consistent and on brand and sway the readers' decision in a favourable way.


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