At Ace Solution Africa, Ltd., we recognize that each business is unique and every business has a story that needs to be told. Our goal is to tell your story in a compelling way that makes sure that your business stands out from the crowd. With strong website copy, your website can more readily convert visitors into customers and help you get one step ahead of your competition.

Copywriting is not only for your website but is also used in all of the written communication that is utilized to market and promote your products and services. It is much more than just advertising writing since it also considers other marketing materials such as postcards and brochures in addition to the main website.

Objectives Of Copywriting

  • Making the sale: Copywriting is used to help prospective customers learn more about your product and why they need it. The use of persuasive wording can be very effective towards this goal.
  • Attracting customers: When you want your business to bring in new customers, copywriting can do this task very effectively. Your copy helps to build the foundation for the actual sale and prepares the customer by answering many of their questions beforehand and fielding all of their potential reasons not to buy.
  • Building relationships: A business can build credibility for its services and products and establish rapport with copywriting. Ace Solutions Africa Ltd. offers copywriting services to help your business in Nairobi or Kenya get to the next level of productivity.
    • Rewriting – Ksh 2,000+VAT (upto 500 words per page)
    • From scratch – 3,000+VAT (upto 500 words per page)