A domain name is basically a unique name that identifies a website. Each website that is active online has a domain name that act as an address, which is used to access the website .All domain names have domain suffix such as .com, .org or .net. These suffix helps to identify the type of a website the domain name represents. For instance “.com” are normally used by profitmaking websites, and “.org” are usually used by nonprofit making organization. Owning a domain name is very cheap, however, they must be renewed every year.

Registering for a domain name comes with a lot of advantages specifically to individuals who are doing their business online. As you know the world is moving to digital, many things are forced to change thus the way to run a business changes too. Having a professionally designed website with a good domain name is like presenting a good shop front to your customers which runs 24 hours a day. All they require is instantly available to them at the touch of a button.


A good domain will increase traffic to your website and your customers will easily remember thus increasing sales. This will also increase your website positioning on such engines like Google, Bling and Yahoo. Once you get a domain, you can easily create your personalized email for example sales@xyz.com. This will make your clients build trust in your business, since most people are more readily to transact business with a professional online presence company. Email is a good way of dealing with inquiries and request from your customers because you can decide who to answer first according to the urgency of the mail.


Considering to have a website and domain name for your business is a prudent decision since this will bring a huge positive impact to your business. You will soon start realizing huge profits due to your 24 hours online presence. Get your domain name at an affordable price and start enjoying this benefits, simply http://acesolutionafrica.com/




Written by Mutari Diawara

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