Website owners make a lot of mistakes, and often these errors are costly. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common website mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not Planning Enough

One of the most common mistakes website owners make is not planning enough. They don’t take the time to think about what their website should look like, how it should function, or what content they should include. They also forget to set up a proper marketing strategy.

If you don’t have a plan, it’s very easy to make mistakes. You might end up using the wrong font, using outdated images, or not focusing on the right keywords. In the long run, these small mistakes can lead to bigger problems.

If you want your website to be successful, it’s important to plan everything out from start to finish. This way, you can avoid any surprises and guarantee a high level of quality.

Spending Too Much Time on the Site

One of the biggest mistakes website owners make is spending too much time on their site. They become so wrapped up in their work that they forget to focus on the visitor.

Too much time on the site can lead to:

– A cluttered and unorganized website
– Low traffic and low visits
– Poor design and no creativity
– Lack of SEO optimization

Website owners should always keep in mind the three P’s: People, Product, and Price. When crafting a website, make sure to focus on what your visitors are looking for and how you can help them get it. Don’t spend all your time mastering the design process, instead put your focus on creating a product that people will love.

Not Optimizing Pages

One of the biggest mistakes website owners make is not optimizing their pages. Not optimizing a page means that the page doesn’t have the correct keywords in the title, meta data, and in the content. This can negatively impact a website’s search engine ranking and traffic.

Additionally, not optimizing a page can also lead to lost leads and sales. When potential customers find your page isn’t optimized for their search terms, they may not visit it. This can lead to lost sales and opportunity.

To avoid these mistakes, make sure to optimize your pages for the right keywords and focus on providing high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience. This will help you achieve your business goals and increase traffic and leads.

Not Joining Affiliate Programs

1. Not joining affiliate programs can be a major mistake website owners make. By joining affiliate programs, website owners can earn money when their visitors purchase products from the affiliate program’s partners. This can help website owners to increase revenue and reach more people.

2. Not signing up for tracking tools can also be a big mistake website owners make. Tracking tools allow website owners to see how their visitors are interacting with the site and what products they are clicking on. This information can help to improve the design of the site and make it more user-friendly.

3. Not using Google Analytics can also be a mistake website owners make. Google Analytics is a free tool that allows website owners to see how their visitors are behaving on their site. This information can help to improve site design and optimize content for better search engine ranking.

Not Tracking Conversion Rates

One of the most common mistakes website owners make is not tracking their conversion rates. Without knowing what percentage of people who visit your site actually convert, you can’t improve your site’s design or marketing efforts.

To track your conversion rates, you need to have a tracking pixel on your website. This pixel is a small piece of code that allows you to track how many people visit your site and then click through to a different page or purchase something.

Once you have a tracking pixel installed, it’s easy to track your conversion rates. Simply add a line of code to your web page and track the number of visits and conversions that occur as a result. This information will help you identify which areas of your website are performing well and which need improvement.

Not Keeping Up with Industry Changes

One of the biggest mistakes website owners make is not keeping up with industry changes. As the internet has become more popular, so too have the ways people use it.

One example of this is the way website owners use content. As previously mentioned, website owners used to rely on text and images to convey their message. However, users now expect more interactive content. This means that website owners need to be able to create videos, podcasts, and other types of multimedia content.

Another change that website owners need to keep in mind is SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is a key part of online marketing today. It’s basically the process of making your website rank high in search engines. This will help you attract more visitors and increase your online visibility.

If website owners don’t keep up with these changes, they risk losing business to their competitors. It’s important for website owners to stay ahead of the curve in order to remain competitive and protect their bottom line.

Another common mistake website owners make is not working with a professional. While it’s possible to create a website on your own, it’s guaranteed to be more difficult and time-consuming. This is why it’s always best to invest in the services of a professional designer or web developer.

A professional will be able to create a website that looks great and is optimized for search engines. They will also be able to help you set up your online marketing campaigns, which will help you reach your target audience.

If you decide to go it alone, be sure to research different web development companies before choosing one. This way, you can ensure that you hire someone who has the skills and experience necessary to build a successful website.

Not Reviewing What Customers Are Saying

One of the most common mistakes website owners make is not reviewing what customers are saying. This can be a big mistake because it means that the website owner is not aware of what customers think of the site.

If the website owner doesn’t review what customers are saying, they may not know if there are any problems with the site. They may also not be able to fix any problems that are found.

It’s important for website owners to review what customers are saying so that they can fix any problems and improve their site.

Improperly Charging for Services and Products

Website owners often charge for their services and products in an improper way. They may charge too much or too little, or they may not provide a fair price for the services or products they offer.

Some website owners charge for their services based on the number of visits a visitor makes to their website. This type of charging is often called “pay-per-click” charging. This method of charging is often unfair because it gives website owners an advantage over other businesses that do not use pay-per-click advertising.

Website owners also charge for their products in an improper way. They may charge too much, or they may not provide a fair price for the products they sell. For example, website owners may charge more for a product if it is more difficult to produce than another product.

Website owners should always provide a fair price for the services and products they offer. Doing so will help to attract more visitors to your website and increase your profits.

Forgetting About Maintenance

One of the most common mistakes website owners make is not taking care of their website’s maintenance. A website’s main function is to generate leads and sales, but if it isn’t up to date and doesn’t look good, it will lose these potential customers.

Regularly updating your website with new content, fixing broken links, and removing outdated content are all essential steps in keeping your site looking good and generating leads and sales. If you neglect these tasks, your website will start to look dated and unprofessional, which will lead to a loss of traffic and potential customers.

Don’t forget: good online hygiene is just as important as good online marketing! Keep your website looking its best by performing regular maintenance tasks. It will help you generate more leads and sales, and keep your customers happy!

Custom Website Development is the biggest trend in the web design market. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of a tailor-made solution. There’s no need to clog your website with numerous unnecessary features that only slow you down. These are some of the top reasons why we think you should get a custom design.

Why Custom Website Development is the best.

Created Just For You

Top on the list has to be the exclusivity aspect. A custom-made design is created with features that you require. The top industry tools are also integrated. This helps you get a specific approach towards your business goals. You are able to meet your targets with much ease as compared to generic Templates.

Helps you meet your Goals

A custom website Development design is made with one major goal. The aim is to help you achieve your day-to-day targets. As a business, you have specific goals you want to achieve. A blogging media house might want to create more traffic to their website. This goal is noted by the designer and they make the website in such a way that it is superbly optimized for blogging.

Helps create Brand Identity

A website is a major ingredient of your brand image. You need to stand out and be unique here. With a custom-made website, you are able to create an online persona that is unique to you alone. From the layout all the way to the user experience, it must feel like you.

A website is just a virtual branch of your business. It is super important that a client feels just as good on the site as they would feel on site (office). This is why businesses really need to think about custom website development.

Supports Constant Growth

Scaling is a vital need for most if not all businesses. Every other year, we want to scale new heights. The urge to better ourselves is only human. With that said, businesses can leverage on custom design to continuously hit new targets.

As a custom website is created, the developers can easily update it to meet new targets. A generic template limits this in the sense that you would have to change pretty much a lot to get a generic website to meet new goals.

Custom website Development comes t the rescue here by offering easy fine-tuning. Since the website has a background in your main areas of focus, it is easy to add new goals to the existing design.

You are assured of Quality

With premade generic templates, you hardly get the opportunity to test your site for compatibility. Various things need to be put into consideration before the handover. One of the major things to consider is how the website will run on the client’s hardware.

You might have a powerful website that slows down due to poor connectivity or processor speeds. A general template won’t put into consideration your hardware specs. It’s like getting this amazing sculpture that won’t fit into your compound. Custom web development inspects your compound and makes sure the sculpture will be a good fit first.

When you talk about affordable web design in Kenya, it doesn’t get any better than this. Ace Solution Africa provides you with a comprehensive array of packages that are meant to meet your business/organization’s needs. Let’s not waste any more time and dig right into the pudding.

The Most Affordable Web Design Packages in Kenya

We understand that businesses just like people are in different growth stages. This is why we came up with 4 comprehensive website design packages. These packages include Starter Package, Package 1, Package 2, and Package 3.

Starter Package

The first package is a budget-friendly one specially crafted for startups, freelancers among others. This package offers you a Search Engine Optimized website with up to 5 pages. It is integrated with Google maps thus it helps find your business location easier on the net.

You do want new clients to have an easier time accessing your physical address. Another important feature is Social media integration. As a Full Suit Digital Marketing Company, we are well aware of the significance of Social Media. This integration will help you enhance your online brand awareness.  These are the kind of features that make our affordable web design packages the best.

Package 1         

The upgrade to the Starter Package is Package 1. This one has the following amazing features. For 35,000 shillings, inclusive of VAT, you get to experience a superb website design. An image slider along with an online form is added. Forget about extra hosting costs as we provide 1 free year of web hosting and domain name. Ace Solution Africa gives you a smooth sail off as you embark on your new journey.

Package 3

This is one of the best affordable web design packages out there. You get to step into the world of convenience with this offer. An unlimited photo gallery, up to 3 image sliders, and two online forms are the major features here. The pages are dynamic and that gives you unparalleled ease of editing on the go. This is the best package for bloggers, E-Commerce sites, and others that need regular updates  

Package 4

This is the crème De la Crème of all the website design packages on offer. If you are a non-governmental organization, this will best suit your agenda and goals. It gives you access to up to 50 dynamic pages. You get a PayPal integration to your website which makes online business easier. Did we mention the professional email addresses yet, these are unlimited on Package 4. Get every employee a professional email address. We offer free training after the website is handed over to you.

When you think affordable web design packages, you should think Ace Solution Africa.

Website design is an extensive field. We’d like to narrow it down to one part that shows a lot of potential. This is for those looking for website designers for small business. There are certain features and design elements that best complement small businesses in Kenya. Small businesses have specific needs that warrant a custom approach in designing. Let’s take a look at the must-have features of a small business website.

What the best website designers for small businesses consider

Use the Best CMS

A content management system is a vital component of any website. Most websites are not static pages (brochures), they are progressive. This means that most websites need regular editing to update new data. You therefore require a superb content management system to help you through. The CMS helps you delete, edit or create new content with ease.

It’s like an editor with an easy-to-use Dashboard. WordPress is the best CMS tool out there. It has a good number of plugins that help you achieve your set goals. It is free to use, easy to install, and generally easy to use. Joomla and Drupal are other alternatives.

Choose the right Hosting Service

As a small business, you might not have a big budget to spend on hosting. This is why small businesses opt for a shared server. This is not the best way to go about it though. Shared servers pose a lot of security threats. Since many websites are using one server, a hacking threat on a single website could bring all other websites sharing the server down.

A dedicated server might be quite pricy for a small business hence we have a third alternative. A Virtual Private Server is the best alternative. It has the capabilities of a Dedicated Private Server at the price of a shared server. Physically it’s one machine, however, it is partitioned internally to act like several standalone servers.

Website Designers for small businesses normally have a wealth of information on Hosting. It is wise to enquire what hostage service they prefer. Make sure they have good on dial customer service. Another key thing to look out for is the server company’s Security service protocol.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is vast but the developer has his fair share of responsibilities. Optimal code helps the website rank better on google. The source code has to be optimized.  Title tags Meta descriptions, H1 heading tags, and internal links all have to be in check with optimization standards. You also want to identify keywords and implement them in your design. Finally, social media liking is also a good SEO practice observed by website designers for small businesses.

Integration With Analytics Tools

You do want to ensure that your website is getting enough traffic. Google Analytics helps you make sense of the data that is coming into your site. Many businesses wonder how they can get user insight to help them improve. This is how one can calculate the bounce rate and the exact number of clicks a certain web page gets. The best website designers for small business are able to advise you on this.

We often talk about website design from the angle of the client/user. Today, however, we take a look at the design from a developer’s angle. Here are the most fundamental rules that guide the creation of a website. This is what an aspiring developer should learn first.

Without further ado, here are the top website design principles.

The top Website Design Principles


When we say that content is King, we mean it. The most important reason why visitors get to your website is to sample the content on offer. Blog articles are a form of content. This also applies to videos, pictures, and audio files. Blogs might be the most common form of content out there but other mediums should be equally good.

Take your time to well-researched blog posts and take crystal clear high res images. This will be the best way to drive traffic. Where the developer comes in here, you ask. Well, the web designer has the responsibility to use optimal code that will help the website’s content rank favorably.

User Friendliness

We get it, web design is an art but it doesn’t have to be poetic. Simplicity is a fundamental that all designers should always adhere to.  Elegance must always be met with an equal measure of functionality. This simply means that user-friendliness should never be compromised in an effort to have an appealing design.

Navigation must be a walk in the park. Making use of filters, search engines and a good layout is a must.  As a developer, you ought to know that customers are the major goal for businesses seeking your services. This makes their clients’ needs your direct needs. You strive to help them convert more clients.


Your website must engage users, that’s the primary goal. Getting users to take up certain actions should be the endeavor of every website design. Whether it’s subscribing to newsletters, buying goods, or simply downloading music, the design should have an action element. This is how the site can best interact with the user while helping the business achieve its goals.

Responsive Websites

This is a key part of any design. The internet landscape has significantly changed over the years. Although websites were first made to be browsed on using desktop computers that have changed. It is important that a website can be used on all devices and give an equal measure of ease to use. Don’t overlook any device, especially not Mobile since it’s the leading gadget that people are using to get online these days. Following the fundamentals of responsive design, you can come up with a great design that adapts to all screens.


This is arguably the most important aspect of design. There is no use in having a website if no one knows about its existence. This is why a huge chunk of websites are doomed for failure way before they even finish a year. You just can’t make a website and just continue with other things without advertising it. From social media marketing to Search Engine Optimization and email marketing come in handy. This is how you get people’s attention and direct it towards your website. Organizations must market their websites after handing them over lest their expensive investment goes to waste.

One of the biggest headaches for people looking to get a website is whether to contract a freelancer or a design company.  Freelancers have their advantages and so do web design companies. Today, we’ll give you a taste of the website design company experience. There is a lot that comes into play but these are the top reasons why you should choose the best web design company in Nairobi to build your website.

Benefits of Hiring the Best Web Design Company in Nairobi

Diverse Skillset

You know what they say, two heads are better than one, when it comes to web design companies, this is the biggest asset. These agencies have several developers, graphic designers, Ad Copywriter, and marketers. A freelance website designer has one or two skill sets at most.

This means that they are limited when it comes to giving you an all-around website design experience. You will have to go sourcing for a copywriter or digital marketer to help your website scale the heights. Ace Solution Africa, the best Web design Company in Nairobi, has a diverse skillset with various professionals working as a team.

Superb and Timely Delivery

Let’s be honest, we are not our best bosses. We may be able to manage others to get work done on time but the discipline to be tough on ourselves is a skill difficult to come by. This is why web design companies are the best to work with when it comes to timely delivery. There is often a senior manager, project supervisor, or team leader in charge of other team members. Their biggest task is to ensure all deadlines are adhered to.

These leaders keep pushing for efficiency, accuracy, and timely completion of all other projects. A single freelancer on the other hand may have countless projects that require their attention. Unable to cope with the pressure, they often do unsatisfactory work in haste or leave projects uncompleted. Trust us on this, the best web design company in Nairobi always has its team members in check. Regular reports on the current projects are given.

Availability of Tools and Knowledge of Latest trends

Web design is always evolving every other new day. You must hire the services of a company that is in check with current trends. The availability of tools that make your website much more competitive is a thing to consider. Plugins, apps, and design features are always been innovated and it is important that a company that claims t be the best web design company in Nairobi to be in check.

More Experienced

Most companies have experience of not less than 5 years in the industry. They have had the opportunity to work on several websites. This gives them an added advantage when it comes to problem-solving and getting your website the best features. Their methods have been tried and tested severally.

When it comes to web design, you can trust the top web design company in Nairobi to get the job done every other time.

Financial institutions like banks, lenders, savings institutions and investment SACCOs, brokerage firms, and mortgage institutions have specific needs. These institutions require a tailor-made web design solution that enables them to carry out their day-to-day activities. At Ace Solution Africa, we have met with industry stakeholders and asked the right questions. This is how we were able to come up with a comprehensive list of the most important features for financial institution websites. Without further delay, here are some of the top features in the best web design in Kenya for Financial Institutions.

Top Web Design in Kenya features for Financial Institutions

Access to Online Transactions

As a bank or any other financial institution, your website has very insignificant value to the user if they cannot carry out transactions online. Online banking has taken over in recent years. With this, financial institutions need to recognize the importance of having a robust system that securely enables online transactions. Long banking queues and busy schedules are the most crucial reasons why clients prefer to bank online. We integrate this key feature in your web design so that clients can get a seamless experience when they transact online.

Mobile Friendly

Statistics show that more and more people use smartphones to surf the internet. The perfect web design in Kenya for financial institutions must be mobile-friendly. Forms are most notorious for having a poor mobile design. If most people use a phone to get to your website and your website looks terrible on mobile, then you will lose a lot of potential clients.

Data Security

This is perhaps the biggest setback when it comes to carrying out financial transactions online. Users are always worried about being hacked. There have been cases where fraudulent access to users’ accounts has taken place. Using the best and most advanced cyber security protocols, we can offer your clients much-needed data privacy and security.

Search Engine Friendly

The financial institution industry especially the banking sector is quite competitive. This is why banking websites should have a design that does not hold them back when it comes to ranking. The ranking is a big determinant of how any website will be.  Since the major goal of a website is to bring in traffic, it goes without saying that you will lose out on a lot if you do not rank among the top searches.

Financial Literacy Blogging Section

As a financial institution, part of your responsibility is creating awareness about best financial practices among the public. This is why having a blogging section is important. It is also important for selling certain products. Blogging can be used as a marketing tool if the blogs indirectly sell a service or product by making a strong case about its necessity. Giving information that helps a consumer along their purchase journey is quite appreciated.

Most buyers tend to trust the brands endorsed by a knowledgeable source. At the end of the blog section, suggesting where to get the services which you just vouched for is a genius way to make sales. There are so many people in dire need of expert opinion on matters to do with finance, especially personal finance.

Ace Solution Africa is an industry leader that offers tailor-made solutions for web design in Kenya. We look forward to building your next big advertising engine.

Doing business online is one of the most highly cherished gifts of the Internet. Wonder why E-commerce Website Designers are highly sought after? It’s just amazing how a boutique owner in Kenya can go to the online market that in China- Alibaba and get the best deal for his designer jeans from a Pakistani manufacturer. Trade between the three countries is made seamless by the power of technology.

We take a look at the most important features of a good e-commerce website.

Key features that Ecommerce Website Designers adhere to

If you are looking for a proper e-commerce website, whether you are in B2B or B2C, here are a couple of the most important things you should remember to have.

Search Engine with Filter

Almost every complex website has a search engine these days. With a great deal of information available then there’s a need to have an easily accessible site. Large apartment blocks with numerous offices have a navigation map at the reception. Each office is listed there and hence visitors can easily access a particular office.

 This is the same with search buttons on a website. It saves the user time by taking them directly to what they want to see. It is also the best way to make use of your menus and subcategories. A search engine is like a directory that takes a user to the exact bookshelf where they can view similar products

Mobile Responsiveness

Great Ecommerce Website Designers are aware of the fact that there is a growing number of people visiting the web using mobile devices. In fact, 46% of users complete their purchase process on a website. It is for this reason that there is a need to have mobile responsive websites.

Before you even think of creating another app, consider making a mobile-friendly website. People’s storage is shrinking every other day even as phones with superb storage are released. 16 GB is no longer the standard phone memory size. Getting users to find storage for your new app is definitely more difficult than optimizing your site for mobile.

User Experience UX

UX design is what really keeps the user at your website for longer. The ability to intrigue and captivate the interest of a user is worth investing in. Functional Design elements complement the overall success of the website. The Best Ecommerce Website Designers know that you have to get the User Interface right to convert more sales. Make sure a user’s visit is as easy and exciting as possible, you do want them to make repeat purchases.

Good Load Speeds

Ecommerce websites can be quite a drag, this is why one is advised to use images with smaller sizes. One e-commerce site can have at least 3 different pictures for a similar product sold by different sellers. Another thing to consider is the number of plugins you use. Limit this, this is one of the reasons e-commerce website designers make sites from scratch.

Making an e-commerce site on a developer platform like Shopify isn’t highly recommended. This is because you have to use a lot of plugins on the site. These make your site slower. It is, therefore, best to make an e-commerce site from scratch though expensive and time costly.

Getting the right web designer to build your website can be an uphill task. If you are looking for a web developer then you don’t have to worry anymore. This is a complete guide that covers the best places to find a good web developer.

Guide to Looking for a good Web Developer

The best places to find talented developers aren’t the most conventional ones. It might not always be in a top Computer Science class of graduates or established company. Below is a list of top places you can find that perfect web developer.

Good old Social Media

This is one place most recruiters fail to maximize on. Most web developers have a profile on Social media sites like LinkedIn. You get to review their portfolio, skills, and achievements without even having to contact them.

A simple LinkedIn search can yield many amazing results for good matches to your current opportunity. Twitter is also on the rise as a go-to place for de vs. Searching for a web design-related topic can link you to numerous designers.

YouTube is also another amazing platform for developers. If you are looking for a web developer, you might want to check out the best YouTube channels on web design. Most times, top pages have good content, to get that kind of quality staff to showcase, you must also be good at what you do.

Freelancing Sites

This is at the core of finding the best talent. This is where we strongly recommend you should start If you are looking for a web developer. Top freelancing sites like Upwork, Outsourcely, and People Per Hour. This is like a large pool of talent with varying quality.

The biggest job here is to gauge each candidate’s skill level. This is made easy through the portfolios provided. You can gauge the output quality here. Your money is also safe since the freelancing company holds it until the task is professionally completed.

Job Boards

These are different from Freelancer sites in the sense that they provide employees for hire on a permanent basis. They’re recruiters with experience in human resources. Here you can get someone to hire on a full-time permanent basis. This is used mostly by business owners who require talent remotely due to a couple of reasons including but not exclusive to low budget.

There’s more consistency in the quality of work output since the person is still an employee of the company and relies on that particular job even though they work remotely. Github, Startup, and Authentic Jobs are some great places that businesses looking for web developers can leverage.

Looking it up on Google

Yes if you want an agency/ Design Company to undertake your project then google is your friend. Search results will bring about companies with the best Google My Business Rating. There are countless blogs out there written by independent web design sources. Make sure the site you are referring to does not bias and has logical criteria for listing the said companies.

Niche-Specific Communities

Professionals like to engage with fellow career people. The best place to do this is in online communities. Every profession has several communities where its career people have conversations related to market trends and such. These website communities offer recruiters an opportunity to interact with top developers.

When all is said and done, there is no specific go-to place for businesses looking for a web developer. That said, these are some of the top options out there. Happy recruiting!

In your quest for a good web design company, you might get a few obstacles here and there. We aim to help you get criteria that you can use to determine a good company. Without much dilly dally here are the top characteristics of a good web designer.

Traits of a Good Web Design Company

Defined Roadmap

A dedicated web design company will have everything laid out in the open for you in the beginning. A detailed plan of execution will be made available. This plan contains details about each stage in the web design process.

From the design, development, and aftersales training, it is good to let the client know the process and where their input is required.

Experienced Team

Time and time again it has been proven that a service-oriented business is only as good as its employees. It’s not just about the customer relations part here, it’s the actual service delivery of the service the client pays for.

A good web design company can only deliver if the team delivers. Good management ensures that the potential of a certain employee is fully utilized. 

The client has very little to do with how a dev company goes around their business. It solely depends on their work culture, motivation, ethics, and talent. This might be one characteristic that you really want to look at. You can get a feel of the team by talking to one of the devs in charge of the project.

Partner Oriented

As a client, you deserve a web design company that treats you like a partner. It should not be an all-hands-off kind of approach to the service provision. Your input is just as significant as the ideas that the design team has.

They also don’t leave the whole idea creation to you. Instead of asking you to state what you need and leaving it at that, they first give you a couple of options to choose from.

It’s more like they also invest in making the idea richer by doing their own research. You don’t only get what you asked for but something much better. They work with you to create the perfect solution hence the partnership.

Provision of other Digital Services

If you want to really get the full experience then you should consider a web design company that offers all the digital services required. The success of a website relies on a couple of other factors too. Services like SEO also come in handy.

You want to get everything done in one place in time for the bog launch. A designer that offers all these services under one roof is great value for your money.

These features of a  great web designer will help you get the right web design company for your projects