Doing business online is one of the most highly cherished gifts of the Internet. Wonder why E-commerce Website Designers are highly sought after? It’s just amazing how a boutique owner in Kenya can go to the online market that in China- Alibaba and get the best deal for his designer jeans from a Pakistani manufacturer. Trade between the three countries is made seamless by the power of technology.

We take a look at the most important features of a good e-commerce website.

Key features that Ecommerce Website Designers adhere to

If you are looking for a proper e-commerce website, whether you are in B2B or B2C, here are a couple of the most important things you should remember to have.

Search Engine with Filter

Almost every complex website has a search engine these days. With a great deal of information available then there’s a need to have an easily accessible site. Large apartment blocks with numerous offices have a navigation map at the reception. Each office is listed there and hence visitors can easily access a particular office.

 This is the same with search buttons on a website. It saves the user time by taking them directly to what they want to see. It is also the best way to make use of your menus and subcategories. A search engine is like a directory that takes a user to the exact bookshelf where they can view similar products

Mobile Responsiveness

Great Ecommerce Website Designers are aware of the fact that there is a growing number of people visiting the web using mobile devices. In fact, 46% of users complete their purchase process on a website. It is for this reason that there is a need to have mobile responsive websites.

Before you even think of creating another app, consider making a mobile-friendly website. People’s storage is shrinking every other day even as phones with superb storage are released. 16 GB is no longer the standard phone memory size. Getting users to find storage for your new app is definitely more difficult than optimizing your site for mobile.

User Experience UX

UX design is what really keeps the user at your website for longer. The ability to intrigue and captivate the interest of a user is worth investing in. Functional Design elements complement the overall success of the website. The Best Ecommerce Website Designers know that you have to get the User Interface right to convert more sales. Make sure a user’s visit is as easy and exciting as possible, you do want them to make repeat purchases.

Good Load Speeds

Ecommerce websites can be quite a drag, this is why one is advised to use images with smaller sizes. One e-commerce site can have at least 3 different pictures for a similar product sold by different sellers. Another thing to consider is the number of plugins you use. Limit this, this is one of the reasons e-commerce website designers make sites from scratch.

Making an e-commerce site on a developer platform like Shopify isn’t highly recommended. This is because you have to use a lot of plugins on the site. These make your site slower. It is, therefore, best to make an e-commerce site from scratch though expensive and time costly.

Getting the right web designer to build your website can be an uphill task. If you are looking for a web developer then you don’t have to worry anymore. This is a complete guide that covers the best places to find a good web developer.

Guide to Looking for a good Web Developer

The best places to find talented developers aren’t the most conventional ones. It might not always be in a top Computer Science class of graduates or established company. Below is a list of top places you can find that perfect web developer.

Good old Social Media

This is one place most recruiters fail to maximize on. Most web developers have a profile on Social media sites like LinkedIn. You get to review their portfolio, skills, and achievements without even having to contact them.

A simple LinkedIn search can yield many amazing results for good matches to your current opportunity. Twitter is also on the rise as a go-to place for de vs. Searching for a web design-related topic can link you to numerous designers.

YouTube is also another amazing platform for developers. If you are looking for a web developer, you might want to check out the best YouTube channels on web design. Most times, top pages have good content, to get that kind of quality staff to showcase, you must also be good at what you do.

Freelancing Sites

This is at the core of finding the best talent. This is where we strongly recommend you should start If you are looking for a web developer. Top freelancing sites like Upwork, Outsourcely, and People Per Hour. This is like a large pool of talent with varying quality.

The biggest job here is to gauge each candidate’s skill level. This is made easy through the portfolios provided. You can gauge the output quality here. Your money is also safe since the freelancing company holds it until the task is professionally completed.

Job Boards

These are different from Freelancer sites in the sense that they provide employees for hire on a permanent basis. They’re recruiters with experience in human resources. Here you can get someone to hire on a full-time permanent basis. This is used mostly by business owners who require talent remotely due to a couple of reasons including but not exclusive to low budget.

There’s more consistency in the quality of work output since the person is still an employee of the company and relies on that particular job even though they work remotely. Github, Startup, and Authentic Jobs are some great places that businesses looking for web developers can leverage.

Looking it up on Google

Yes if you want an agency/ Design Company to undertake your project then google is your friend. Search results will bring about companies with the best Google My Business Rating. There are countless blogs out there written by independent web design sources. Make sure the site you are referring to does not bias and has logical criteria for listing the said companies.

Niche-Specific Communities

Professionals like to engage with fellow career people. The best place to do this is in online communities. Every profession has several communities where its career people have conversations related to market trends and such. These website communities offer recruiters an opportunity to interact with top developers.

When all is said and done, there is no specific go-to place for businesses looking for a web developer. That said, these are some of the top options out there. Happy recruiting!

In your quest for a good web design company, you might get a few obstacles here and there. We aim to help you get criteria that you can use to determine a good company. Without much dilly dally here are the top characteristics of a good web designer.

Traits of a Good Web Design Company

Defined Roadmap

A dedicated web design company will have everything laid out in the open for you in the beginning. A detailed plan of execution will be made available. This plan contains details about each stage in the web design process.

From the design, development, and aftersales training, it is good to let the client know the process and where their input is required.

Experienced Team

Time and time again it has been proven that a service-oriented business is only as good as its employees. It’s not just about the customer relations part here, it’s the actual service delivery of the service the client pays for.

A good web design company can only deliver if the team delivers. Good management ensures that the potential of a certain employee is fully utilized. 

The client has very little to do with how a dev company goes around their business. It solely depends on their work culture, motivation, ethics, and talent. This might be one characteristic that you really want to look at. You can get a feel of the team by talking to one of the devs in charge of the project.

Partner Oriented

As a client, you deserve a web design company that treats you like a partner. It should not be an all-hands-off kind of approach to the service provision. Your input is just as significant as the ideas that the design team has.

They also don’t leave the whole idea creation to you. Instead of asking you to state what you need and leaving it at that, they first give you a couple of options to choose from.

It’s more like they also invest in making the idea richer by doing their own research. You don’t only get what you asked for but something much better. They work with you to create the perfect solution hence the partnership.

Provision of other Digital Services

If you want to really get the full experience then you should consider a web design company that offers all the digital services required. The success of a website relies on a couple of other factors too. Services like SEO also come in handy.

You want to get everything done in one place in time for the bog launch. A designer that offers all these services under one roof is great value for your money.

These features of a  great web designer will help you get the right web design company for your projects

After Commerce based businesses, NGOs are next in line among organizations that really need a website. An NGO website design is a crucial element of the establishment. There are a couple of reasons why a non-governmental organization should consider having a website.

Top Reasons why an NGO Website Design is needed

Creates Legitimacy

Just like any other organization, an NGO needs to create credibility. There’s no better way to do that than to have a website. You create legitimacy for your organization by having an easily accessible portal of your events and projects. This is especially important if you would like to apply for donor aid, tenders, and any other partnership. It gives the impression of an organization that is here to stay and not another fraudulent scheme.

A feel of Professionalism

Well, a good website will not only help you create credibility but also give a sense of seriousness. These are the small factors that determine whether you get a tender or not. It boils down to these minor details at times when two NGOs are tied in a sponsorship battle. The donor will look at how professional your organization is portrayed.

 This shows that you can organize your information in an easily accessible manner and also gives a feel of official business. In as much as an NGO is not an official business, donors need to feel that their funds are well put into use. You want to handle funds as a business as much as you are a charity.

Transparency and Openness

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons to get NGO Website Design. It ensures that you are seen as transparent in the way you carry out your activities. Sections like activities and events will help you showcase the most important annual or monthly charity events.

You can even share your whole monthly program for that particular month as a way of including the community. This helps people feel free to participate in your programs since they have a schedule about the date and venue of your events.

Easy Communication

With an NGO Website Design, you are able to channel all official communication. This is best done on a blog page dedicated to communications. You can regularly update it with the most recent info that is meant for the general public, members, staff, or even partners and donors.

Most non-governmental organizations are made are created for creating awareness and generally sparking certain conversations that influence change in society. A blog page will be very useful to regularly engage readers on certain matters.

Online Sign-Ups

Onboarding new members, registration for members and donors, or for certain events can be made easy. With the use of online forms, a user is able to register for a certain event from the comfort of their internet-enabled device. In fact, a large number of people can access the same form within a short period of time.

Unlike paper forms, online forms are much easier to fill and have a lower risk of wrong user data collection. The parameters set on the website code enable the form to decline data entered that does not meet certain criteria. Online forms are also easier to share on other digital marketing tools like social media.


This is why an NGO Website Design is strongly recommended for any Non-Governmental organization. Visit us today and get a customized website for your NGO that is designed to integrate attractive design, user-friendly interface, and unparalleled functionality.

Web Design is a vast discipline and with it comes several different website design packages. The major determining factor that sets each package apart is the purpose/use of the website. We first find out what the major goals for the site are before suggesting a particular package.  Some features are industry-specific and would only do best on certain related websites.

Top Features og good Website Design Packages

Strong SEO Foundation

Creating a website that isn’t well optimized is akin to giving rise to a child and failing to give them the tools to survive. The ranking wars are getting stiffer every other new day. Businesses are at the mercy of Google engine algorithms. The algorithm bots know little about your actual success on the ground, online, it’s a whole different game. SEO is one of the most important features of website design packages. It’s actually a do or die since the success of your website relies on hacking SEO.

Ease of Editing

As a business grows, strategies change, new clients on board and companies diversify. You want to access website design packages that grow with you.  Flexible pages and content will come in handy. The ability to remove certain pages, introduce new ones, or edit the content is important. We believe that businesses are always on the move and so should your website. Get a dynamic website.

Highly Responsive/ Mobile Friendly

Statistics favoring the use of mobile devices to log into websites get better and better every new day. Mobile devices are becoming an integral part of access to information. It is only wise that you have a website that adapts to the gadget that is used by the client. Whether a laptop, smartphone, desktop or tablet. Your website ought to be user-friendly across all platforms.

Custom Design

Enough isn’t said about tailor-made websites. Getting to understand a client’s needs and analyzing their goals is very important. A designer should be able to diagnose the client’s problem and give a solution that does away with it. Custom-made websites have features specifically made to run your day-to-day business activities. This makes the websites more valuable and goal-oriented. A generic website is just a drain of your hard-earned money. Get a website that makes your day to day activities easier.

Support, maintenance and Training

Web Design like many other services requires after-sale interventions. Regular maintenance and onboarding training for your employees to help them understand the features is really important. You need want to get a reliable partner who will help you optimize this new investment. This helps you to fully realize the potential of the website. A simple big can cost you a great deal of the business, it is only wise to keep the bolts tight. Great website design packages will include all these heaven sent after sale services. Make sure you ask about this before signing the contract.

This might be new to most people who are not techies.  Website design and web development is a process that takes several stages. There is a planned out procedure of what events take place when and for how long. Let’s take a look at the key stages that a website developer takes.

Major Stages in Web design and Web Development

Information Gathering

As the first stage of the web design and web development process, it outlines the project goals. It is at this stage that the target audience is also defined. Detailed research is carried out to ascertain the purpose of the website. This will help the developer get a deeper understanding of what the client aims to achieve. A website designer can hold a meeting with the client or serve them with a questionnaire via mail. Phone calls are also an option that helps the developer gain the scope of the project.

Planning and Creation of Site Map

This sitemap is a representation of what the website will look like on paper. The developer is able to create relationships between different areas of the website. The client gets a feel of how the website will look through the sitemap. A mockup is created for a more visual experience that defines how the user interface will look like.

Design Stage

Here, a graphical design of the page layouts is created. Though not functional, the design will show the exact layout of the pages. Different sections within a page, buttons, and bars are all included in the design. The client gets to review the whole design and give feedback. Various suggestions given will determine whether the process will move to the fourth stage.

Content Writing

It is important that the client provides content before the coding begins so as to meet deadlines. In this stage, the written information that goes into the website is created. This is inspired by the goals the client wishes to achieve with visitors. Other details like font are also decided here. Copywriting for Websites can take a sweet deal of time. It is prudent to have the content ready even as the developer carries on with the process.

 Actual Coding

The real work begins here. The developer finally gets to put all the details collected during the web design and website development process. Different concepts of the site are put together and breathed to life via written code. Search Engine Optimization and CMS plug-in additions also take place.

Testing, Review, and Handing Over

This is one of the most crucial stages in the whole web design and website development process. It’s like a final edit to ensure all contents are running as should. The developer tests for functionality, correct spelling and grammar, and broken links. This is also the stage at which code validation takes place. It is the web designer’s job to make sure everything is running smoothly just before handover. If everything is okay then the website is launched and handed over to the client.

Maintenance, Support, and After-Sale Services

As a service-based profession, the handing over doesn’t spell the completion of the job. It is not always happily ever after, this is why designers still go on with offering assistance by regularly carrying out maintenance checks on the website.

These are all the major stages involved in the web design and web development stage.

Budget is a key determinant for any business owner.  The best website design companies for small businesses are much sort after. We take a look at the top factors that will influence the affordability of a website. Here’s what you can do before you even start to look for affordable designers

Best website design companies for small business

These are the key considerations that a business should make. Here’s what a smart business can do to get a budget website. Website design doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can get running with minimal financial input.

Use Affordable Hosting Services

You don’t have to contract the best website design companies for small business. You can create a website on these easy-to-build platforms. Most are free and only have minimal hosting fees. Platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly have tonnes of free templates. You get to choose a design that suits you and come up with your own website. It’s like a buffet where you get to pick what works for you.

Affordable Cloud Storage

Storage can be quite expensive if you choose to go the hard driveway. Running a robust website can take up a humongous amount of space. The biggest companies buy space from storage company servers. As a small business though, it is not economical to do this. That’s where the cloud comes in. Online storage providers like google drive and DropBox are quite affordable. Renting storage space here is more convenient, safer, and cost-efficient.

Use Free Plugins

Every dime counts if you are going to beat website design companies for small business.  Fonts don’t have to be bought. A website created on a CMS tool like WordPress has a load of free Plugins. SEO optimization is one aspect you want to get right. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can get affordable or free plugins on the same.

Creating Custom Content

Free stock photos or videos are not productive in the long run. They make a website look less authentic or genuine. If you are a luxury brand then you want to create your own content. From SEO blogs right to the pictures, everything should be in-house. Creating appealing infographics is a great way to maneuver around the high-end pictures. Creating your own content will be relatively cheaper in the long run.

You don’t necessarily need the best website design companies for small business. You can get a budget DIY website and cut on developer costs.

Are you on the lookout for the best website developers in Kenya? Most businesses get stuck in the discovery process. As a first-time web design client, it might be difficult to source the right expertise. For you to get the right designer you must first get to know their qualities. Below are the top considerations that qualify a website design to be considered great.

Qualities of the Best Website Developers


From the word go, a good website designer will be able to establish the purpose of the website. This is done through understanding the client’s vision and mission for the website. Every single website has a specific goal that it is meant to achieve. Knowing the purpose of the website helps establish a relevant call to action. This CTA leads the visitor to do exactly what the business owner wants. The action could be subscribing to a service, adding products to a cart, or sharing their opinion about something.


In a world where websites literally clutter the internet, you want to stand out. There are so many competitors offering a similar product like yours. Every business deserves a website developer that is able to help them distinguish their brand from others online. This can be done by providing quality that will make a client come back to the site again. The only way you can do this is by providing quality information like blogs, newsletters, DIY videos, among others. This might not be the sole purpose of your website but it helps with visibility to attract new visitors.

Ease of Use

Unlike popular belief, tech isn’t this complicated phenomenon meant for nerds. A website embraces technology and every great technology is human-centered. This means that it has to be easy for the common person to hack. It is with this in mind that websites must be created. The best website developers use this as their mantra. The goal is to make the website easy to use by making sure that the design is simple and the navigation easy.

Quality Content

We say this with utmost honesty. Most of the time new visitors come into your site, they are not even looking for a product/service. These days, most people search for information. The thirst for knowledge is greater than before and consumers like to consider options. Rich articles written concerning different topics are a great way to get the attention of netizens(internet citizens/users) I stumble upon businesses I would normally be less interested in as I do research for articles.

Investing in a blogging team is very important. Check out the likes of Hubspot and Search Engine Journal, content is king. This is what makes new users submit their email for newsletters. If you haven’t noticed yet, this is the number one reason why Blog Journals, Newspapers, and Magazines are able to sell subscriptions.  The best website designers know that quality content is a key SEO tool.

Responsive Design

Perhaps this is not said enough. Mobile is the number one gateway people use to get online. We’d be underestimating things if we said that you will lose out on a lot without responsive design. In all honesty, you are destined for failure without responsive design. A website has to look just as seamless on smartphones and tablets as it does on laptops and desktops. The best website developers test to ensure that the website looks and feels just as smooth on phones.

Website design and development is one skill you should consider getting. Today we take a look at what you stand to gain by acquiring this skill.  

Reasons why you should learn Website Design and Development

Numerous Job Opportunities

A simple search on google for web design agencies will yield hundreds of results. Wonder why there are so many developers? Because the opportunities are just as many. Website design and development has numerous job opportunities as the demand is great. There are many business owners, organizations, and other clients in need of a website. It’s also easier to get freelance gigs as a website designer. Employment might not always come easy but with these skills, you can start your own freelance agency.

Easy to learn

Now, you don’t really need a BSc in Computer Science or Software Engineering to start your journey as a designer. All you need is a great passion to learn. There are numerous world-class designers who never majored in a computer-related course. Some never went to college altogether and the most unique ones have a very meager educational background.

Yes, there are designers who barely completed primary school let alone High School. Self-taught designers are arguably the best. This is because their hunger to know more never ceases. They are always consistently learning due to their insecurity of being labeled “unqualified.

Ability to work remotely

This is one of the biggest advantages of learning website design and development. You could literally work from anywhere, as long as you have the tools. A good internet connection and access to a computer and you are set to go. Working remotely is a blessing for most people especially those with health issues, disabilities, or nursing mothers. 

You can also work for an overseas company right from your home country. Web design is one easy-to-hack business as long as there are proper systems put in place. Remote workers are often more productive since meeting deadlines since the babysitting environment is not available. You can also decide whether to work full-time or part-time.

A great Income

Web designing is a lucrative opportunity. Statistics show that website creators make a decent annual amount if they are employed. Freelancing can be lucrative too if you know how to establish yourself as a brand and as a business. Avoid unpaid gigs and have proper payment policies that ensure you are not duped. Entrepreneurship is not always easy but if you hack it, it is way more beneficial to your growth than employment.

There you have it, friend, these are some o9f the top reasons why you should learn website design and web development. It’s also a way to express your creativity.

To be the best, you’ve got to learn from the best. The best website designers have had a significant amount of influence on the design world. Today we take a look at the most influential web designers of all time. These are the men and women who paved the way for all designers

The best website Designers in History.          

Starting as of are the founding fathers of the World Wide Web. It is only right to give them the spotlight as they made the first key step. Building a home for websites.

Tim Berners Lee

This iconic Computer scientist is credited with creating the World Wide Web abbreviated as WWW. The Englishman created the web in 1989 while he was working at CERN, European Council for Nuclear Research (derived from French). Tim is also credited with creating the Hypertext Markup Language HTML and HyperText Markup Protocol HTTP. The World Wide Web was the first and only way one could browse the internet so technically out was the first browser. Berners Lee is the founder of the W3C consortium which sets the standards in web design and oversees the development of the web.

Hakom Wium Lee

Hakom was another great mind from CERN. He was concerned by how little power web designers had on changing the way their websites appeared. CSS helped to control the layout of multiple web pages at once. It gave the website its attractiveness. In layman’s language, HTML without CSS is like a long manuscript with no fancy fonts, colors, and a boring layout.

Most people would find the web unattractive and thus it would only be a preserve for a few. The Norwegian was also the Chief Technology Officer of Opera Browser from 1998 when it was created until 2016 when it was sold to a new owner.

Brendan Eich

Brendan is an American programmer. He created the JavaScript programming language. Our list of the best website designers would be incomplete without this influential programmer. Brendan Eich also co-founded the Mozilla Project, The Mozilla Foundation, and the Mozilla Corporation. He is the CEO of Brave Software. Java Script is the big muscle boy on the Web. It is a logical program that helps the website respond to the user’s commands. It can be used to develop the back-end infrastructure.

Ethan Marcotte

Perhaps this is the most qualified person to be termed best website designer. He was just an ordinary web designer that came up with an extraordinary idea. His Responsive Web Design was a tectonic shift in the web design world.  It helped designers to think beyond the desktop, the primary gadget used to browse the internet before. He saw the future of the internet that it was not always going to be on a desktop. He talked about the design principles behind fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries. Thanks to Marcotte, websites can look just as good on any device used to browse the internet, provided they follow his principles.

In case you needed some inspiration to get on with your design career, these are the great men you should look up to. Truly the best website designers. Let us know of any other notable mentions in the comment section below.