Before we get to the nitty-gritty of finding out the most affordable web designers in Kenya, we should have this conversation. There’s generally a perception especially in growing economies to undervalue digital services and white-collar workers. Selling a service in Africa is already a hard task let alone a digital one.

The problem is the African perception of work and hard work to be specific. People think that professionals in the digital arena just sit behind a computer all day. Well, as much as this is true, they aren’t sitting there passing time.

Formulating digital strategies eg in social media marketing is just as hard as plowing the farm.  This view generally drives most Kenyans to undervalue digital services, web design included. Some businesses spend a fortune on interior décor but will always argue about paying the set web development price. So if your reasons for wanting affordable web designers in Kenya are well substantiated then this article is for you.

How to get your Affordable Web Designers in Kenya to Deliver

Creating Sketches

Now you might feel that this is the designer’s job but boy are you wrong. Designers love clients that know what they want, nothing shows a developer what to create better than your own sketch. Create a simple mock-up, nothing too fancy, explaining the different page outlay you want. This helps the designer know what exactly you want. You’ll always get what you asked for if you use this method.


This is the best way to make sure that the designer can deliver on what they say. It’s one thing to be part of the affordable website designers in Kenya and a totally different case when it comes to giving value. Cheap is not always affordable. Make sure that when they use this term, they are referring to the price and not the quality. Quality websites can be affordable, it all depends on where you get them done. Get to properly scrutinize previous works done. All job recruiters ask for CVs or referees, don’t be shy to ask for a testimonial or portfolio.

Suggest Similar Websites or Inspirations

Sometimes, the best way to explain what you need is to show something similar. This can be effective but you want to complement it by also sharing what exactly you liked in those other websites and what you wouldn’t like to be included. Make it pretty clear what inspiration to take and what to ditch. It is a great way to spark the designer’s creativity, however, this cannot be relied upon alone. If you don’t want a complete copy, which is against Intellectual Property laws, by the way, tell the designer what to take away and what to leave.

 Good Communication

It takes two to tango, the designer shouldn’t necessarily feel like this is a one-man task. It’s your job to give an honest and timely response concerning the design. Be professional and suggest what works for you and what doesn’t. This way you can be sure that the Designer will have an easier time getting you what you need. It is important to do this at every key stage, don’t wait till the website is running to make changes on things that should have been reviewed in the preliminary stage.


They say if you can’t get something done, find somebody who can. You also have to guide them through the process to help them deliver.

How to spot Frauds among Affordable Web Designers in Kenya

There’s so much buzz around the phrase affordable web design. A simple search for affordable Web Designers in Kenya will yield countless results. There are so many web designers out there that offer affordable design. The boom in the sector has also resulted in the spike of unqualified developers flooding the market with numerous promises and poor delivery.

As much as financial constraints lead some businesses to opt for cheap web design, we highly recommend doing thorough research about the designer. Today we will take a look at how to spot poor or fraudulent designers.

How to spot affordable web designers in Kenya who are fraudulent

Background Check

This is the core basis of your investigations. The aim is to know as much information as possible about the web designer. Things like their own website should speak volumes about who they are. Branding is a key factor to consider when hiring an agency. You can’t build a brand overnight and scammers fail terribly at this point. Check out the designer’s social media handles, their company name at the registrar, and even give them a visit at the said offices. You don’t want to wire money to a business that you have not yet established exists.


All payments should strictly be in bank account transfers that can be traced. If the designer asks for Cash or Mobile Money transactions, then that is a red flag. Scammers don’t leave behind a money trail, so they cover their dealings by making you believe that conventional ways of sending money inconvenience them.  

All payments must be done when there is proof that some work has already begun. This includes the first deposit, the ship should set sail with a couple of things before you make your first deposit. It goes without saying that paying the total amount before the completion and handing over of the website is complete is a big mistake.


Now, this is one that can be quite confusing these days. There’s a huge difference between affordable and unrealistically cheap. In this part of the world, it is possible to get a 200 dollar website, however, if the price is too good to be true then you are definitely being conned. These prices are set to entice people as great deals.

On the other end, you can also be scammed by a price that is way too high. If a website designer in Kenya quotes a price that is unrealistically higher than the market price then they are most definitely scammers. This is why you should never settle on one before you talk to several web designers. Get to find out the average market price first.

Affordable web designers in Kenya who know this will always give you a fixed quotation that you can workaround. You can only work around it to remove some features to lower the price but not necessarily bargain. Service providers have their rates that is what they use on every client without bias. If a designer is willing to go considerably lower on their stated price, red flag!

Contract Agreement

 Any official business transaction that is not backed up by legal documents cannot be considered lawful. it is only wise that a contract is drafted and sent over to you for approval before the work commences. Thongs do go wrong and it’s only right that you step into this new marriage with a solid legal backing. Forget the warm welcome, easy-going nature, nothing should convince you to trust a developer to start the work without a contract.

It is our most sincere hope that you get to choose the right affordable web designers in Kenya to work with. You are welcome to knock on our door to start your fact-finding journey.

If you have ever thought about getting your website made, then a web development agency should be a top priority. This is because they are the most professional, business-oriented designers. A company that has dedicated numerous years to creating seamless solutions will offer greater value to a client because their reputation is always on the line with every design. Without much chit-chat, here are the qualities that make a web development agency stand out.

Qualities of a Renowned Web Development Agency

Superb Development Skills

When it’s all said and done, the most important question is, “how good is your workforce?” Skill really matters in any profession. In fact, most clients would rather pay an arm and a leg for a quality website than get mediocre services at a low price.

People are willing to spend big just to get the quality they desire. This is why the best web development agencies invest in the most talented staff. Checking out staff portfolios on the web design company’s page gives you a glimpse of who you are working with.

Impressive Portfolio

It goes without saying that if someone is good at what they do, they most probably have a portfolio that matches this. A good web development agency shows off its finest work. It’s only natural that you show off your finest masterpiece. If an agency doesn’t have a portfolio, then all their claims have no backing.

Good companies have lists of previous work done and it is always regularly updated. You can be ab;e to tell that the agency is one of the best by looking at previous projects. Their ability to handle many High Profile Clients’ websites also gives you a feeling of an established design company.


Communication skills are very important in any business transaction. You need to be as candid as possible concerning your requirements. A web development agency also has the responsibility to keep you up to date with the development process. Regularly asking for your input on some key areas is important, you have to be included in the design process.

Remember when we were young and our parents sometimes bought us shoes or clothes before they asked for our opinions. When they brought the gift home, it didn’t amuse us as they expected, simply because what they thought would be best for us wasn’t our favorite.  A great designer listens and evaluates feedback. They also follow through with the set goals to deliver on a website.

Flexible/Open to Changes

This clearly sets companies apart. Frequently changing your design ideas and coming up with new ones is irritating, however, having a change of thought in the design idea with a proper logic behind it isn’t a crime. So long as you communicate it on time and at the right time then the developer should be open to the changes. Web design takes up a valuable chunk of time therefore you should be considerate of how often you ask for changes.

Delivery time- Respect to Deadlines

Precision is key but time is of the essence. A good website development agency is able to deliver on the agreed timeline. Yes, everything doesn’t always turn out as planned and some challenges present themselves along the way but a deadline is a deadline.

These companies put in place systems that help them deliver quality on time. They have a special respect for the rule of law and time deadlines are a part of a contract. If for any unavoidable circumstances, a designer is unable to deliver at the agreed time, then a special timely communication is given.

This is what sets apart a rookie developer from an established website design company. Remember having good development skills is not enough to do business. It’s the business side of things that challenges developers, keeping up with deadlines and delivering on budget.

On the other hand, it is good managerial skills that help a C.E.O with no coding capabilities s run a successful Software Solutions Company. Please keep this in mind if you ever need a reason to go with a company and not an individual.

Software development especially for website design is a lucrative market. If you are looking to join elite website creators then this article is for you. We are going to look at the major steps you need to take in order to become a dev.

How Good Website Creators are Made

Learn about Web Design

You need to get the theoretical knowledge on how to design a website first then apply it in trial designs. There is no particular perfect place to learn but there are a few good suggestions. Online Boot Camps like Udemy, FlatIron, and W3 Schools. This will give you a foundation in web design and introduce you to programming languages like HTML, Java, and CSS that you might need to get started.

 There are short courses which are up to 3 months long. You get to be tested after each lesson and get take away assignments in some, to make sure you have a good grasp of what you have been taught. Youtube tutorials will help you grasp the practical parts. Get to know how to perform particular tasks n detail.

Choose a Web Code Editor Tool

There are many software applications out there that you can use to code your website. You need to pick one that you are most conversant with. Adobe Dreamweaver, Sublime Text, Notepad ++, and Atom are some of the top options. These text code editors are like your MS Word only that you are writing code and not words here. Simply put, this is where you write your website into existence.

Most have a real-time feature that gives you a preview of what the design will look like even as you code.  It’s not a big deal as long as its user friendly enough for you to use. You could type the word Apple on a phone text tool, on Facebook, or on an Editor like WPS, MS Word, or Notepad, it will still be Apple all across. You will still join the club of great website creators regardless of what you choose to write on.

 Develop your first Design

This is where you get to work on a personal project to test your skills. Don’t rush it, if you feel that you haven’t learned enough or still need some additional skill, it is always good to go back to stage 1. Since this is a genuine evaluation of the skills learned so far, it is important that you do not refer to other material.

Just come up with something and if you have some difficulty with how to write a particular line of code, write it down and go back to revise later. This is like the ultimate test to see how far you have come so be honest with yourself. We do assume that you have done numerous mini-tests before to test your grasp of particular concepts.

Create a Portfolio

If the previous step is at least 70 percent successful then you are on your way to becoming part of the great website creators clique. Time to do some more, create other websites to create a rich and diverse portfolio. Take on new challenges and test the waters, it’s rather wise to test your real capacity before you start searching for paid gigs. I’ll be honest with you, this is the real CV. This is what future clients or employers will use to rate your skills, so put your best foot forward.

Get those Paid Gigs

You’ve come a long way as a website creator, time to earn from your craft. Apply for internships, they may not pay much but the experience got there is invaluable. You can join a freelance platform like Up Work or Fiverr to get gigs. Talk to friends, family, and relatives with businesses or personal initiatives that might need a website.

You can do a few pro bono sites especially for family members, it’s a good old African tradition to give back before you start collecting. Get their feedback on what you can improve on and what they liked about your skills. This is different from the previous stage in the sense that you have a real client hence you will sharpen your skills in negotiation, time management, and delivery.

Make your Move

Finally, as a website creator, you want to know what your working terms will be. Re you a freelancer or an employee. See what works best for you and gives you a bigger chance of growth. Look at the rewards vs the means and be smart about it. All the best as you embark on this journey to becoming one of the best website creators there is. Hey, just remember we have internship opportunities for awesome designers.

When it comes to choosing website packages in Kenya, you’ve got to consider a lot of things first before you make your move. Some of the most important things to consider are outlined below. It’s only reasonable that you consider your options first before you settle on one package

Great Website Packages in Kenya

For a package to be considered good enough, these are some of the boxes it has to check.

Maintenance/ Back up Services

A Website needs regular maintenance just like people need regular checkups at the hospital. These checks are able to troubleshoot malfunctioning elements in code. If you are experiencing slow loading speeds then a maintenance session with your web designer will come in handy. It’s only right that the people who created a certain website, get to handle any problems that arise in the future concerning the same website. You also need a secure backup for your data in case something goes wrong from your side. You can always retrieve it from the host servers.

Flexible Easy to Edit Pages

Now as you go on with your business, you might want to diversify or specialize in a specific are alone. Your website has to move when you move. This is why having a package that allows easy web page editing is crucial. You don’t want to be stuck with unnecessary pages that you’d rather do without.

Responsive Design

Mobile is fast becoming the number one browsing device. More and more people use their smartphones to visit websites. It is only logical that you have a mobile responsive website. This allows clients on smartphones to have an easy navigation time when on your site. Remember clients only take a few seconds to retrieve the information they need. If they lose interest due to poor design or responsiveness, the bounce rate gets higher. This translates to less converted sales which means less income created.

Custom Design

As a business, your biggest selling point is your uniqueness. If you fail to stand out among the crowd, you get minimal visibility. Websites are no different, your website represents your brand. For your brand to stand out you need to do away with websites made on freely available templates. It shows your brand is cheap, free website builders are easy to use but you know what to lose out on authenticity. Nobody likes to walk down the street and see everyone dressed in a similar T-Shirt. Value is created in exclusivity, get a designer to build your site from scratch.  This is really important in your search for website packages in Kenya.

Fixed Price of Development

Everybody hates monkey business. It is only right that you get every cost stipulated in the invoice you get. Get a quote of the entire website to make sure there are no hidden costs. This allows you to formulate a good budget and also analyze whether the cost of creation will outweigh the ROI. If that is so, you can opt for a smaller package or see ways in which you can create more income generation avenues on the site.

There you have it, folks. These are some of the most important things that you have to enquire about on a Website Design Package. Don’t just rush to choose a certain package due to the price. Oh boy, you’ll be in for a rude shock when you get a website that doesn’t meet any of your marketing needs. Website packages in Kenya are quite numerous, ours are freely available for our consideration. That’s how transparent we are, you get to know what you are paying for.

The internet is filled with many websites claiming to have the best website designers in Kenya and around the globe. Today, we will get down to the matter and find out what really makes a web designer stand out. It’s easier said than done and therefore only a web design that meets these measures can be called great.

Who are the Best Website Designers in Kenya?

Let’s cut right to the chase on this one. Below are the top requirements that can help you distinguish great designers from mediocre ones.

Great Designers Know their Goals

Every website has its own particular purpose and understanding its function is key. A great web designer’s first priority is to discover what the business owner wants to achieve with a particular website.  Is it for selling a certain product, offering a service, or giving specific information to educate? The design will revolve around this key principle. It is the blueprint to a great website.

Exemplary Design incorporates Sufficient Information.

One of the major reasons why people invest in websites is so that they can display helpful information to clients. The other day, I was in a rush to help a relative pay for their child’s school fees a day before all students were sent home. Problem is that we didn’t have the right payment details for the school accounts. The calls weren’t going through to the school reception and so I opted to google the name of the school as a last result.

To my delight, the school had a website but the website contained very irrelevant information like B.O.G meeting resolutions and all. I couldn’t find the school’s bank account for school fees payment yet it is the most searched detail by parents online. Institutions are quickly embracing technology but they are not fully utilizing it.

A great Web Designer would have pointed out that …” X High School Fees Payment account” are some of the most searched keywords about schools so it would be wise to include that information on the website.

Functionality over Design

This is one principle that separates the wheat from the chaff. Good designers create good-looking websites and stop at that. Great web designers go the extra mile and find out whether this new design feature will make the site difficult to use or not. Having a beautiful lady as a receptionist is really good for the image but her skills and ability to receive guests is more important. It’s good to have an appealing design but not at the expense of user-friendliness. Great design is a blend of attractive design and user-friendliness.

Infinite Scrolling

This is a big nightmare for most users. Yes, it might look fancy on Facebook or Twitter feeds because that’s the whole point of social media. Getting more and more content on your timeline or news feed so that you can interact with as many people as possible. On Websites though, it’s annoying. No one wants to scroll endlessly without getting to the bottom of the page.

Rather than have infinite scrolling, properly partition your website in a way that users can load one page at a time and go through the whole content to the bottom, without feeling like they are about to do something tiresome. Remember, this is important if you want to improve the time which users spend on your site.

 If they scroll and find too much info going on and on, they quickly get tired and bored without even having to read. The best website designers in Kenya know that less is more.


Paying attention to some fundamentals of web design is the real deal-breaker. This is what sets apart the best from the average and even the poor designers. It’s not the fancy offices, the massive marketing campaigns, or the ability of the designer to close a deal. All the best in your search for a good designer. Hope you have a clue where to start your search from, Ace Solution is just a call away.

So you are searching for cheap web design in Kenya. Well. We understand the harsh economic times and might just have the right options for you. If budget is a major obstacle then you want to consider the following options.

Where to get cheap web design in Kenya

Online DIY Website Builder

Price-wise, these are the cheapest websites to create. You don’t need much other than a minimal budget and basic computer literacy. Companies like Wix and Weebly offer business owners the opportunity to create a new website all on their own.

You get to choose from templates that are readily available on the website and build your own site. It’s like a self-service buffet where you pick what you like and place it on your plate/website. This doesn’t take much time and is easy to do, however, you miss out on a lot of website features like proper Search engine Optimization.

Outsourcing Abroad

Now, this goes out to those companies/businesses who are based in North America or Europe. The cost of developing a proper website there is a bit higher. If you are a startup in the region then you might want to look east, referring to Africa and South East Asia here. These countries have an overwhelming amount of qualified human capital with low-paid or totally unemployed professionals.

There might be a few hurdles here and there but outsourcing from a recognized Gig site like Upwork or Fiverr covers your back on a lot of things. If you have contacts in countries like Kenya, you may assign them to meet up with web design companies and negotiate on contracts to create the website.

International business is hard to do due to high cases of fraud and mistrust. If you are a Kenyan reading this now, no need to worry, websites are pretty affordable. A budget of 200-300 dollars gets you a decent website, all costs covered.

Hire a cheap Web designer

If you are pushed to the edge and want something slightly better than the DIY websites, you may opt for student developers. You’ll be surprised just how many software Engineering or Computer Science students out there are yearning for a part-time developer gig. The major obstacle to overcome here is the recruitment process and availability.

In recruiting, you want to make sure you get the best talents and also make sure their schedule doesn’t clash with their studies. A good remuneration, however, will help them create time for this side gig. The best way to acquire student talents is to have referrals from lecturers who teach the respective classes.

Most are already working/have worked on small-medium web design school projects so they have the feel of what a basic web design gig entails. A sure way to get good talent to create cheap web design in Kenya.


The budget determines a lot of things we do. We can’t afford to overstretch our financial muscle by overspending on one particular thing. That cash has to go around and ensure at least every department is covered. At Ace Solution Africa, we have amazing Web Design packages, we dare say the cheapest web design in Kenya. Cheap only talks about affordability here, the quality is top-notch.