Best believe it when we say that we’ve got your best interest at heart. True to this we embark on a journey to inform you of how to pick the company to hire from the list of web design companies in Kenya. Yes, it is known to us that many people look for criteria that will help them select the perfect web design company for them.

What determines good web design companies in Kenya?

Are they Full Stack Developers?

This might sound like jargon to business owners who are new to web design but it’s not much of a big deal. Full-stack developers are able to develop both the front end and the back end of a website. The front end is mostly HTML, CSS, and Java which is the visual part that a user interacts with first. The back end has much of the technical work including the server, an app, and a database. Most web design companies in Kenya are either good at one or the other. The importance of having a developer who is all-rounded is immense. This gives you the best of both worlds, a good-looking (front end) yet functional (back end) website.

How good is their Portfolio?

There is a reason why a certain type of website is associated with certain web design companies. Smart business owners ask for a record of previous works done. This helps you to know whether the web design company can create the exact design that you are looking for. If they have previously handled similar projects or have a good success rate with previous clients, yours won’t be any different. It’s like proof of competency. Check out all those CVs dear business owners and hire the right experienced developer.

Good grasp of other digital marketing tools

“But I only need a website from them,” you say. Well, a website is dependent on other digital marketing tools for its success. Some of those tools include SEO, PPC, and SMM. For your website to rank higher, it has to be optimized. To get good traffic you have to rely on a form of digital marketing. A full-stack Web Design and Digital Marketing company will come in handy since these two are interdependent.

Well Crafted Contract with clear Deadlines.

When it comes to services dear, you’ve got to get this right if you want a smooth handover. Clearly outline the date of completion and terms of payment and any other legally binding agreement. Yes, there has to be a contract. You don’t want to have your role out delayed by days or even weeks in some instances. This also helps you understand the schedule of the team and when they intend to finish one thing or the other. You can judge their productivity and know when they are lagging behind.

Great after Sale Service and Maintenance

Websites are quite complex and sometimes they may misbehave due to a glitch. It could be the hardware you are using, an error in code, or an overload of users. You always need to enquire about the maintenance. Poor web designers lack a good maintenance framework. Your value doesn’t decline once the handing over is done, you deserve great after-sale services too.

These are some of the major requirements that should help you choose from a list of web design companies in Kenya. Check out our portfolio and make an informed choice. We cannot just say we are the best web design company in Kenya, we’ll let our work do the talking.

Best Affordable Web Developers in kenya

Affordable web developers in Kenya are in great numbers, however, you might need to draw the line between affordability and quality. Some designers get this the wrong way and offer low-quality sites so as to cut the price. Never should you accept poor-quality design as the only scenario to get a fairly priced website.

Great designers first find out what your specific business needs and requirements for a website are. They then proceed to take off the unnecessary features that will cost you a lot. So it’s basically the same quality website as a premium one only with fewer premium features.

Here’s what we really mean when we say that Ace Solution Africa provides affordable web development in Kenya. This is what it feels like to have a premium website at an affordable price.

How Affordable Web Developers in Kenya remain Premium

User Experience

This will always be the backbone of any website. Visitors are akin to animals in the wild, how so, you ask? Well, the internet is like a large forest with numerous options for food. Immediately the user steps into a website, they evaluate the effort required to get some value out of the site and the reward. Simply put, if the design is hard to navigate, the user will quickly leave to another website.

Always remember this, in today’s digital world, options are overwhelming. You’ve got only a few minutes to impress and stand out. Foodies don’t always pay an extra thousand for a good plate alone. As much as content is king, you cannot rely on it alone to remain premium. It’s the ambiance that makes the difference. Let your website ooze out comfort and user-friendliness even on a low budget.

Simple Design

By simple, we don’t necessarily mean boring and unattractive. Simple design just speaks volumes about class and luxury. You don’t need to go out of your way to have a clash of features, colors, fonts, and graphics. Let your content be minimalistic, this shows great value. High-end stores in a mall don’t crowd the front display with a piece of every single product on offer, unlike the local kiosk.

Minimum Pop-Ups and Distractions

Pop-ups can be a great way to get user data or to have a visitor perform a certain action. This, however, doesn’t change the truth of the matter. Pop-Ups are annoying and when overdone, they contribute to a higher bounce rate. To have an effective premium but affordable web development in Kenya, you need to use as few of these UI elements as possible. On mobile, it’s not even up for debate. Pop-ups totally mess up the general appearance and interactivity of a website on mobile. They should be avoided on the mobile versions of the website.


It is often said that text is to a website like the ocean is to planet earth. With text taking up the highest percentage of viewable design on a site, you need to get it to work for you. Some Fonts stand out when it comes to creating credibility, there’s a reason why we don’t write CVs in a fancy font but rather stick to an official-looking one. Different fonts communicate different themes. Just like handwriting, fonts can either make users more intrigued to read on or totally turn them off.


If you are on a search for affordable web developers in Kenya, you ought to consider what makes it affordable. Are they just giving you a low-quality design at a cheap price or are they giving you quality within a budget? Even with a small budget, you can still manage to wall away with a decent website. We have a specialty in crafting superb websites at an affordable price.

Did you know that 38% of visitors will leave a site if the design isn’t appealing? Web design refers to the appearance and layout of a website that a user interacts with.

Front-end developers are best equipped to deal with this Graphical User Interface. The whole user experience majorly relies on a good website design. Designs that are simple and minimal work best, as they say, less is more.

These are the reasons why you need to insist on getting a good design from a developer.

Why Good Web design is a must for your Business

Search Engine Optimization Ranking

Website design also includes how you publish your content on the website. Following basic publishing rules like having a Keyword and easy-to-read text go a long way in making a website SEO friendly.

Sites that follow these SEO publishing rules generally rank hire. This is because Search Engine Bots mimic the user experience while ranking sites.

If several visitors leave a few seconds later due to say unfriendly text layout, the bots lower the website’s ranking.

Search Engine Bots work like good friends who refer other friends (second batch) to certain places based on the experience that they’ve observed from the first batch of friends who visited the place.

This also makes it easier for web crawlers to access your website faster and index it favorably.

Leaves a Good First Impression

Web Design will always be a make or break. We honestly won’t get tired of repeating this. Websites determine what opinion a client makes of you. When a client gets to know about a certain business, they always head on to Google the name first to know more.

What happens when they get there determines whether they will want to continue doing business with you.

Imagine a scenario where a client gets to the website and has to wait for ages for pages to load. They will automatically leave to get back to the search results where they click on a competitor’s site.

A good design makes a visitor feel that they are dealing with a professional and trustworthy business. You have to be careful with the web design since it has a major effect on your brand’s credibility.

Aids in Customer Relations

Let’s be honest, everybody claims they are customer-oriented and give priority to customer service. Well, that might not always be true and smart clients can tell. Clients don’t want you to say it, they need you to prove it. This is what really sets you apart from a hundred other competitors.

To build trust you’ve got to show that you are making strides in ensuring the client has the best customer experience. Having a Website is the first step.

Would you prefer a client drive for over an hour to your store for an issue that could have been resolved online within minutes? Now that you already have a website, it’s time to give the client warm hospitality.

Why Poor Design Portarays Bad Customer Relations.

Having poor website design like difficult to access, cluttered information is similar to having no ramps in your store to aid in mobility for those with wheelchairs.

It shows that you don’t care that much about the customer experience and hence care little about providing solutions. Your site is the first customer care agent clients interact with. How it serves them determines if the client will make a purchase.

These are the major reasons why you should really consider getting your web design right by choosing an experienced, customer-centric developer like Ace Solution Africa. We pride ourselves in being part of the success stories of our business partners and clients.

We hear it every day, our emails are filled with promotional offers asking us to get these services. But honestly, what does a business stand to gain in having a website? Well, we hope this helps to answer that question. Here’s why you should consider getting a website for your business and most importantly, at a trusted web design company in Nairobi.

First things first, here’s how the online landscape looks in Kenya. According to a recent study by DATA REPORTAL, an impressive 21 million-plus Kenyans use the internet. A 2020 MasterCard Survey shows that 79 % more Kenyans use the internet to shop for products since the pandemic started.

Google is the number one search engine in Kenya with over 90% of the market share. Young millennials who are the highest number of online shoppers google just about anything and everything.

They are an informed and tech-savvy generation who do research before purchase. From where to buy the latest PS5 Game Consul to the best University to study in, the internet is their first stop for inquiries.


This is where having a website comes in. Your business is almost as good as nonexistent if you lack an online presence. Visibility is key if you really want to stand out from the competition.

There can be five stores lined up on Luthuli Avenue, selling the same electronic products at competitive prices. The business that choses to invest their online presence will diversify its market reach.

So many businessmen admit that most of their customers found out about them by searching on the internet or on online market places. Interestingly, we also know that at some point in time you’ve also looked up for Best Web Design Company in Nairobi. Take your business to them.

Do I really need a Website from a web design company if I am already meeting sales Targets?

Okay, so your business is doing well even without a website. You are meeting targets but honestly, there’s a whole other aspect of having a website that you are missing. Websites are not only used to drive sales.

Have 24/7 Presence

It’s very costly to run your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means having a robust team of employees who can cover day and night shifts. This results to double wage expenses, double electricity and other operational costs. It’s not practical for Small businesses.

On the other hand you stand to have increased returns if you can run for longer. Having a website for E Commerce means clients can make purchases even when your physical doors close. Through integrated features like Automated ChatBots, clients can get feedback on queries.

Saves Time

Most of the work a business owner does in a day consist of talking to potential customers. With a website, you can save time on answering common inquiries by publishing information on the FAQ segment. This contains answers to most of the frequently asked questions. Clients can get their questions sorted in no time with this info.

 Through online forms, you can also get the important client details you need to make a successful pitch. Pop up messages can also request for client information and direct them to post their query by providing multiple options which lists categories of problems.

Narrowing down to specific problems helps you save on time. Reading long emails about a simple query whose solution is listed on the FAQ section isn’t the most fun thing to do.

Building Credibility

It’s one of the best ways to let your customers know that you are a legit business. A website screams professionalism and legitimacy, it’s the first contact between consumers and the organization. Think about that potential customer in Mombasa who wants to know what you can offer without traveling all the way to Nairobi. A website is an online portfolio of your work which gives you the opportunity to put your best foot forward.

There are so many reasons why you need to get a website, these should help you make an informed decision. At Ace Solution Africa, we listen to your needs as a business and come up with tailor made solutions that will get you results.  We are a leading web design company in Nairobi with a high customer satisfaction rate. Contact us today and see the transformation.

At this time and age you expect everybody to know the importance of a business having a Responsive Website Designing. You will be surprised with the number of small business that don’t have a website. If your business doesn’t have a website then it is missing out one of the most powerful marketing tool.

A website helps your clients to find you. Nowdays many people purchase products and services online, if your business doesn’t have website then you are missing a lot of business. Ace Solution Africa, a website designing company in Nairobi, is able to design for you a responsive website that will make it easy for your existing and potential clients to learn more about your business.

As one of the leading website design in Nairobi, we will ensure the site is able to generate more customers by sharing important information about what you can do for them. We will make your website interactive to help you build a good relationship with your customers. Your clients will be able to review your products online and can leave a comment or feedback for you. Keeping in touch with your clients help to build trust and thus will continue buying from you and even refer their friends.

Your responsive website allows you to compete with bigger companies

One of the interesting thing about internet is that the size of you company does not really matter. Your website can give impression that your business is bigger and more successful contrary to the reality. Your website can rank high in google a head of your competitors as long as you incorporate SEO services. This shows how a website is key for small business, it tends to narrow the gap between small and big businesses.

From our own research, there are many small businesses that do not have websites, they are many reason they give but the main one is the cost. At Ace Solution Africa, a top notch website design in Nairobi, we will help you get a professional website depending on your budget. Remember you don’t need a website with thousand pages, just a simple site that describe your company is enough.