In this internet era social media is the best and beneficial way for small businesses to advertise and promote products and services. Millions of people visits their social media platforms after every minute for different purposes, to search for new products, for entertainment purposes, to get breaking news and much more. If your products are on social media you are sure to get new clients and thus increase in sales.

Social media comes with several benefits for your business. You can easily interact with your clients on a completely different level. You will be able to know what they are saying about your products, you can also answer their burning questions as well pose some questions to them. This will help you discover problems your customers are having concerning your products or services. If at all there is a problem you can react appropriately and in a timely manner before it becomes a major issue.


Since it is the current cheapest and fastest method to pass information, you will be able to know your clients need and want in time. You can introduce new products and services or improve on the existing ones to better fit their needs. Your interaction on social media will give you an opportunity to connect with other business owners that have potential to refer new business to you.


Social media nowadays is mainly used for marketing products and services. Is a place for interaction with consumers and often this conversations result in loyal, long-term customers. Apart from advertising your products, you can use platform like Facebook to share inspirational stories that will arouse positive emotions and your followers will be forced to share the same story. In doing so your clients will feel more connected to you and your products and thus be more inspired to buy your products.


Marketing your products on social media you are guaranteed to make a significant impact on your sales. Since your small business doesn’t have enough budget to do advertisement on TV, Radio etc. This method will help you to reach many more new clients who may eventually become your most loyal customers.


Written by Mutari Diawara

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