Boost sales with Social Media

Facebook plans to incorporate adverts in the middle of its videos. This is a bold and calculated step that each business person needs to pay close attention to. It will work. The way a business packages its message is very important for the audience. Just because social media is a place to socialize and discuss ordinary issues, it doesn’t mean that business people should post any information without paying detailed attention to the content and the way it is packaged.

It is beyond doubt that potential consumers to products spend considerable time in the social media. Accordingly, business people need to repackage their content in a manner that must attract and retain the attention of the audience. A message may be good enough but if it cannot capture the attention of the audience, it is useless. At the same time, a message may be good at generating attention but if it does not communicate what the company is selling, it is also useless.

Facebook statistics show that a message in video format is likely to perform 8 times better than a message in a picture format. Experts say that a picture is worth a thousand words but it is not the most competitive option.  Pictures perform 0.35 times better than a shared link while a shared link performs 507 times better than status written in ordinary text.

Consequently, the way you package your message determines, the turnaround time of a message, how it is going to be consumed or if it is going to be consumed at all.  It is important to engage professionals in this field. At Ace Solution Africa, we format and manage content for different social media platforms for businesses. Make that call and we will push your social media generated business to the next level.


Written by Mutari Diawara

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