A business without SEO is like a man winking at a beautiful girl from a dark corner of a club. He will never get her. An entrepreneur that expects to tap online business must look for better to boost traffic, increase returns on investment and conversion rates. Social media marketing and search engine optimization is the ultimate way of generating online traffic. This process has been valuable to entrepreneurs who used them to generate business leads and increase website traffic to them. Despite these important developments there are still folklores discrediting the reliability of SEO. Some of these folklores include:

  • SEO is Inadequate for a Business.

One of the existing assumptions in modern business is that SEO is useless. Most modern business people work on the theory that each activity that business engages in must have returns on investment (ROI), which is true. The only fatal notion is that SEO has no returns on investment. Do you know that 44% of customers use search engines to find products and services? Therefore, it is without stories that the company that has most optimized product on the search engine is highly likely to have high conversion rates. Recent research studies indicate that clients pay more attention to organic products more than the paid ad messages.

  • Businesses do not need SEO.

The other mistake that business people make is to assume that their business does not SEO. This is a mistake. In the modern day, most people spend their time on the digital platform. Personal Digital Assistant has even simplified the digital communication. Most consumers spend their time on this gadget. In America 86% use internet everyday while in a country like Kenya 88% use internet enabled mobiles every day that are according to Communication Authority of Kenya. Thus, the traditional business set up is losing relevance every day. New clients will always want the reviews of other clients before they commit themselves to your products and services. A business that does SEO has more new clients than a traditional business. A business need to be visible online when a client is doing online window shopping.

  • There are better ways than SEO

To sum up, Search engine optimization is a process best done by experts. It is a complex activity that needs (1) Competitive comprehensive market research (2) composition of content that stimulates high traffic, (3) link building and screening of the campaign’s outcome. This is a no kid’s play. It can take time that is why you need to hire professionals like Ace solutions as you focus on running your business.A few business men believe that alternative methods to SEO can be better such as keyword stuffing and buying links to boost SEO. They are wrong. Today google algorithms are super. They detect foul play and the strategy will backfire. On the other hand, Keyword stuffing distorts the nature of your content and the tone of the message.


Written by Mutari Diawara

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