The festive season is here again! But have you examined your business marketing strategies to ensure you reap the most this season? It is an undisputable fact that technology is ever-changing and has made impact on digital marketing. You must stay relevant in this online marketing game! This advancements has made the future of digital marketing to look bright. Many online marketers fail to know how often technology is changing and this proves to be their biggest marketing blunder. It is therefore more important for digital marketers to stay abreast of the changes. Below are some of the advancement you need to know.

  • Know before you go: Google has introduced a new feature called “Know before you go’ within Google Map. This help your clients to see your business and to have a clue of what to get when they visit your shop, particularly during peak hours. This will also help you to know what your competitors are doing, hence come up with unique ideas to help stay top of the game.


  • Holiday Guide: Another amazing news from google is that they have released a new holiday guide that provides information about how people shop and their preferences. This will help online marketers to come up with an effective marketing strategy to help them increase sales.



  • Chat with your customer: You need also to be aware that google is testing a new feature called “Chat with your customer”. At the moment some select group of business owners are using it. If you happen to receive an email from Google inviting you to participate in the trial, click on the link and follow the instructions.


  • Changing from desktop only index to mobile only index: Another important thing you should know as a business owner or online marketer is, Google has officially announced that they are changing from desktop only index to mobile only index .Google has been ranking the content in the desktop version but now it will start ranking the content on their mobile version. This changes are caused by the ever-increasing number of mobile users worldwide. Majority of people today access internet through their mobile phones. If your website is not responsive (can’t show comprehensive content on mobile version) be sure to lose business a big time. If you want a responsive website contact Ace solution Africa and we will sort you out!!



  • Live Videos in Instagram Stories: Another interesting thing is that, Instagram is planning to introduce live videos in Instagram stories. This will be different from Facebook’s video since for Instagram it will be a combination of Periscope and Snapchat. This videos will disappear immediately you stop streaming. The idea behind is to make it easy for people to share anything at any time. To share the video you will have to, swipe from the right of your feed to start the camera, tap on ‘start live Video and the begin recording. You will be able to stream a live video for about one hour. The moment you are live, your friends on Instagram will be alerted.

Since technology is continually advancing, it is important to follow the new trend and come up with better online marketing strategies. Through continued research, training, watching and reading you will know latest digital marketing opportunities suitable for your business, which you can use so as to remain on top of your competitors.


Written by Mutari Diawara

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