Social media optimization is basically using social media as a facilitator to grow your business online presence. It is not about setting up a Twitter handle, Facebook Page because a nice thing to do,SMO is about strategically  creating social media plan in order to connect with your target audience. A well planned SMO campaign will enable you to get more visibility online, strengthen your brand and generate leads.


Poor social media optimization strategy has many times become a barrier to many companies. Because it’s still fairly new and always changing thus it’s hard adopting new changes.. In order to improve your social media campaign, you have to have a plan that has well-defined goals and objectives.Your campaign should aim at engaging your target audience, solving the company challenges, and be able to identify business opportunities .This is done by creating engaging content, focusing on networks that add value and also by extending efforts through your organization.


Content is very essential when it comes to this digital marketing. You can’t succeed with social media optimization without sharing quality content. When posting on social media remember uploading photos alongside the content. Images make the content appealing and more so your targeted audience will easily understand your message. Hashtags have become identical with online marketing. Both Facebook, google+, Twitter, Instagram and all other social sites integrate hashtags today. They are normally entertaining and make it easy to track trending topics. They give your posts more reach, people who aren’t following you can easily find your posts.


When posting on social media sites remember they both have word limit. Twitter gives you up to 140 characters per Tweet, Google+ 60 characters, LinkedIn 25 words and Facebook accept anything less than 80 characters.When you post is as important as what you post. Knowing the optimal posting time is very important, what’s the point of coming up with great content if nobody sees it? The best posting time depends on your audience and the social media sites you’re using. Sprout social will help you by coming up with the best time to post on your social media sites so as to reach a wide audience.


Just like any other campaign, you should track your SMO efforts with social media analytics. Use the reports to get a full picture of the impact your campaigns are having. Consider the following, the average number of comments and replies your posts get, the average number


Written by Mutari Diawara

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