I am sure every web owner loves engagement on their site after they put up new contents. It can be really discouraging for a business owner in Nairobi who never gets feedback after they have new material on their web pages. its evident that posting up blogs has done wonders for other entrepreneurs in the market, so why shouldn’t you also benefit from them?
The good news is, you can bring life to your lifeless website, but the bad news comes in when you realize that all that you used to do was the problem- most of it anyway. So, if you keep to these few adjustments you are guaranteed to see positive results for your sites.

Spend enough time promoting your content

Content generation is futile if no one sees it. We create content for websites so that when people visit our website they can relate with the content posted. Therefore, you should consider spending twice as much time promoting your content as you spend in creating it. Therefore, if you take 2 hours to generate content, spend 4 hours promoting it. You can also use the influencers approach. This involves having a list of about 70-150 influencers-individuals and companies- in your field (excluding your competitors) who can share your content to their audiences. After this, email them regularly after you have made a post and suggest that it would be a good read for them. Keeping them updated will work in your favor and they will definitely share if they enjoyed it. Although, you shouldn’t directly ask them for a backlink, since even if some will concur, most will be put off. You can find influencers in your field by using the free tools found on the internet.

Are your Blogs helpful at all?

No body likes people who talk too much about themselves. Similarly, no one likes blog posts that talk too much about your company. A blog is meant to answer questions, provide a certain help to the reader- that’s why not every blog post will be relevant to every person. That means you will have a lot of content to write about, so first know the questions your customers are asking and answer them in your posts.
Are you Blogging oftenly?
Having a good website design in Kenya isn’t enough anymore, and neither is uploading a post once or twice a month. A survey carried out by HubSpot claimed that Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got about 4.5 times more leads than companies that published between 0-4 monthly posts. This means that you need to start writing a lot and at the same time maintain consistency. Although, you can still create a few posts- one or two a month- but you have to keep in mind that it will have to be a long and massive post.

Social Media Presence is insufficient

Most people are afraid that posting too many times in a day will somehow upset their users. This is beside the case. For Facebook, posting twice a day is enough but for twitter, having one post is simply not enough- since this is a way too crowded platform. So, tweet as much as you can! Using tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts can help a lot in ensuring you post on time, never forget, always remain relevant and your audience will never forget you.
Your website scares people off
One of the biggest mistakes you can do to yourself as a business owner is having a weird website design in Kenya. What do I mean by weird? Having super cheesy stock photos of fake people or the icons that look like they were taken straight out of Windows 98 is a guarantee that people will be turned off immediately. A website is a digital representation of your business- a central hub of all of your online marketing-, and as we all know people run away from “weird” places. Web creation tools like WordPress make it easy — and affordable — to have an amazing looking website. Do yourself a favor and learn WordPress, or find someone who can help you get started with WordPress.

Have you paid to get your blog content out there?

Unless you have a very- and I mean very- large following, you will have to make Mark Zuckerberg a little richer so that you can get your content to the right audience. Having a target audience will be of help since your content will get to the relevant people who are in need of your content and this will ensure real results. It’s not difficult to do simple ads, it just takes time to learn who your audience is exactly and how to target them in the Power Editor.

Never Give Up

No one starts business and immediately becomes a millionaire, it takes time and a lot of patience and consistency. Similarly, you will face the same with your business. Don’t get discouraged when people don’t come to your website because as long as you keep doing the above practices over time, conversion is inevitable. Write, publish, promote like crazy, repeat. Assuming your content strategy is well-planned, do that process for three to six months and you’re almost guaranteed to see the needle move.

Websites- responsive- are often the backbone to a healthy business mostly during this current internet-filled generation, therefore having the perfect website design in Kenya plays a big role when it comes to getting conversions.


Written by Mutari Diawara