Every time web design is mentioned designers think about website speed, the aesthetic nature, and interactivity. As a result, they set up very nice looking websites, which are fast but if such website cannot meet the needs and objectives of the business. It is useless. It is like putting a nice gold ring on a nose of a pig. It will be dragged through the mud. Amko safaris is now a leading business in the tourism industry that enjoys the benefits of a good website. Mr. Peter Mutuku explains what a good website is.

A good website must be customized. This means that a website must be tailored to meet the needs of a business. The rest you might be taught in class but customization is learned from years of experience. According to Mr. Mutuku, “We knew what we were expecting before the website was designed. We were involved in all stages of website development.” Ace Solution Africa has specialized in customizing the websites. It goes down to understand the needs of the clients before each website design. Understanding the client is one of the ways to design a better website.

Moreover, a website like any business must have returns on investment. A website is not a ceremonial tool, that a business sows money in it without reaping the benefits.  Mr. Mutuku says, “Our Sales increased tremendously after the site launch and so far that was our best expenditure as a business.” At Ace solution, we specialize in designing websites that drive sales and business. We not only design the best, we help at web hosting and management.

Finally, Mr. Mutuku reminds you that website design is all about quality. He says that “the website was pocket-friendly considering the quality they developed for us.” Value for money is very important. Quality is now about the speed, compatibility with browsers, interactivity, clarity, simplicity, ease of navigation and the content. At Ace Solution Africa Limited, we have qualified and specialized staff dealing with different aspects of a quality website. Engage us now for help on your website design hosting and management today.


Written by Mutari Diawara

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