Doing business online is one of the most highly cherished gifts of the Internet. Wonder why E-commerce Website Designers are highly sought after? It’s just amazing how a boutique owner in Kenya can go to the online market that in China- Alibaba and get the best deal for his designer jeans from a Pakistani manufacturer. Trade between the three countries is made seamless by the power of technology.

We take a look at the most important features of a good e-commerce website.

Key features that Ecommerce Website Designers adhere to

If you are looking for a proper e-commerce website, whether you are in B2B or B2C, here are a couple of the most important things you should remember to have.

Search Engine with Filter

Almost every complex website has a search engine these days. With a great deal of information available then there’s a need to have an easily accessible site. Large apartment blocks with numerous offices have a navigation map at the reception. Each office is listed there and hence visitors can easily access a particular office.

 This is the same with search buttons on a website. It saves the user time by taking them directly to what they want to see. It is also the best way to make use of your menus and subcategories. A search engine is like a directory that takes a user to the exact bookshelf where they can view similar products

Mobile Responsiveness

Great Ecommerce Website Designers are aware of the fact that there is a growing number of people visiting the web using mobile devices. In fact, 46% of users complete their purchase process on a website. It is for this reason that there is a need to have mobile responsive websites.

Before you even think of creating another app, consider making a mobile-friendly website. People’s storage is shrinking every other day even as phones with superb storage are released. 16 GB is no longer the standard phone memory size. Getting users to find storage for your new app is definitely more difficult than optimizing your site for mobile.

User Experience UX

UX design is what really keeps the user at your website for longer. The ability to intrigue and captivate the interest of a user is worth investing in. Functional Design elements complement the overall success of the website. The Best Ecommerce Website Designers know that you have to get the User Interface right to convert more sales. Make sure a user’s visit is as easy and exciting as possible, you do want them to make repeat purchases.

Good Load Speeds

Ecommerce websites can be quite a drag, this is why one is advised to use images with smaller sizes. One e-commerce site can have at least 3 different pictures for a similar product sold by different sellers. Another thing to consider is the number of plugins you use. Limit this, this is one of the reasons e-commerce website designers make sites from scratch.

Making an e-commerce site on a developer platform like Shopify isn’t highly recommended. This is because you have to use a lot of plugins on the site. These make your site slower. It is, therefore, best to make an e-commerce site from scratch though expensive and time costly.