Financial institutions like banks, lenders, savings institutions and investment SACCOs, brokerage firms, and mortgage institutions have specific needs. These institutions require a tailor-made web design solution that enables them to carry out their day-to-day activities. At Ace Solution Africa, we have met with industry stakeholders and asked the right questions. This is how we were able to come up with a comprehensive list of the most important features for financial institution websites. Without further delay, here are some of the top features in the best web design in Kenya for Financial Institutions.

Top Web Design in Kenya features for Financial Institutions

Access to Online Transactions

As a bank or any other financial institution, your website has very insignificant value to the user if they cannot carry out transactions online. Online banking has taken over in recent years. With this, financial institutions need to recognize the importance of having a robust system that securely enables online transactions. Long banking queues and busy schedules are the most crucial reasons why clients prefer to bank online. We integrate this key feature in your web design so that clients can get a seamless experience when they transact online.

Mobile Friendly

Statistics show that more and more people use smartphones to surf the internet. The perfect web design in Kenya for financial institutions must be mobile-friendly. Forms are most notorious for having a poor mobile design. If most people use a phone to get to your website and your website looks terrible on mobile, then you will lose a lot of potential clients.

Data Security

This is perhaps the biggest setback when it comes to carrying out financial transactions online. Users are always worried about being hacked. There have been cases where fraudulent access to users’ accounts has taken place. Using the best and most advanced cyber security protocols, we can offer your clients much-needed data privacy and security.

Search Engine Friendly

The financial institution industry especially the banking sector is quite competitive. This is why banking websites should have a design that does not hold them back when it comes to ranking. The ranking is a big determinant of how any website will be.  Since the major goal of a website is to bring in traffic, it goes without saying that you will lose out on a lot if you do not rank among the top searches.

Financial Literacy Blogging Section

As a financial institution, part of your responsibility is creating awareness about best financial practices among the public. This is why having a blogging section is important. It is also important for selling certain products. Blogging can be used as a marketing tool if the blogs indirectly sell a service or product by making a strong case about its necessity. Giving information that helps a consumer along their purchase journey is quite appreciated.

Most buyers tend to trust the brands endorsed by a knowledgeable source. At the end of the blog section, suggesting where to get the services which you just vouched for is a genius way to make sales. There are so many people in dire need of expert opinion on matters to do with finance, especially personal finance.

Ace Solution Africa is an industry leader that offers tailor-made solutions for web design in Kenya. We look forward to building your next big advertising engine.